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Introducing EMERGE: RECORD & RELEASE in Logan

Introducing EMERGE: RECORD & RELEASE in Logan

BUILDING a music career takes a team, indeed an entire industry to kick-start that journey.

BEMAC is seeking submissions from a Logan-based artist or band to record an original song which will be professionally mixed and mastered, ready for release. The finished work will then undergo a professional publicity campaign to assist the song’s promotional efforts.

Delivered under BEMAC’s EMERGE Series, an artist development program established by 2017, to empower emerging musicians to cultivate their performance, song writing, and business, recording and marketing skills, RECORD & RELEASE will support the development of a thriving career for one Logan artist / band.

For musicians, EMERGE provides opportunities to develop and upskill through various opportunities and programs like RECORD and its partner program RELEASE, which focus on the full scope of what it takes to flourish as a musician in the modern world.

From DIY home-recording techniques to building your online presence, BEMAC’s EMERGE Series creates inroads for emerging musicians to take their music to a broader audience.

Interested artists and bands based in Logan can apply through



If submitting a band 75% of total members must be Logan City residents.

Must a have a song ready to undergo recording at the time of EOI submission.

Must be available to record on weekdays.