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Omeed’s debut single a hit in Afghanistan

Omeed’s debut single a hit in Afghanistan

There’s nothing we at BEMAC love more than seeing a talented emerging artist from a culturally diverse background break through. No, there’s one thing we love more, and that is having played a role in shaping an emerging artist’s future success.

Last year we signed up young Afghan musician Omeed for the Ethno Roadshow (now known as the Culture Train).

Singing in Farsi, Dari, Hindi and English, Omeed’s unique fusion of western hip hop with contemporary Afghan influences made him a hit among the youth.

Since the Ethno Roadshow Omeed has successfully released his debut single and music video which has reached over 300 000 views on Facebook and Youtube to date.

Not only that, he was featured on national television in his parents’ homeland and his song “Ba Kase Chize Nago” is currently receiving airtime on all major television and radio networks in Afghanistan.

Omeed credits this success to some very hard work and the opportunity he was given by BEMAC, which he said helped him get his foot in the door, as well as finance the project.

Born in Australia to migrant parents, Omeed said he was raised with a great emphasis on his cultural heritage in a home that was enriched with traditional Afghani values and morals.

“Growing up I listened to a lot of traditional Afghan music and soon discovered western artists at school such as Michael Jackson, Usher, Brian McNight, Brian Adams and Guy Sebastian,” he said.

At a very young age Omeed started learning the piano at Yamaha Music School where he developed an understanding of western music. He branched off to Indian classical music under the tutorage of Ustad Rahim Zullah, a revered figure in Indian music, from whom he learned the harmonium and vocals.

He is currently being coached and mentored by Guy Sebastian’s brother Chris, and has a number of instruments in his repertoire, including the harmonium, piano, guitar and drums.

Omeed said that as a musician his goal was to challenge the negative stereotype of Afghans he had encountered growing up, and use his music to activate positive action and change.

“Currently Afghan music plays a big role in the process of bringing peace to the country,” he said.

“I want to be the bridge for unity, using music as my tool.

“I feel with my music and creativity that I can get young adults to involve themselves in activities that will motivate them to bring peace to the country and community.”

Encouraged by the success of his debut single, Omeed is currently in the process of recording his debut EP which is due for completion by the end of 2016.

We congratulate Omeed on his success and can only say watch this space.

See Omeed’s music video here.