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OUTBACK CREATIVES nurtures a new generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young creatives growing up in Outback Queensland

OUTBACK CREATIVES nurtures a new generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young creatives growing up in Outback Queensland

BEMAC is proud to present Outback Creatives, a breakthrough project aimed at engaging young people in remote communities in Central Western Queensland through multidisciplinary art forms.

Culminating in a performance at the Tree of Knowledge Festival in Barcaldine on Saturday, May 5, Outback Creatives aims to foster the creative expression and self-esteem of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders living in the remote communities of Barcaldine, Longreach and Blackall.

Following on the back of a number of engagement workshops, which took place at schools in Blackall, Longreach and Barcaldine throughout March, a collaboration of established artists will deliver an immersive three-day camp focusing on music, dance, visual arts and filmmaking workshops, exposure and experience.

Held in Barcaldine from Sunday, April 29 to Tuesday, 1 May, camp participants will have the opportunity to learn hip-hop dance, song writing, performance skills, digital presentation and interpersonal skills from a team of professional arts workers from Indigenous Hip Hop Project (IHHP) and local Aboriginal artist Ezekiel Thompson. Applying the skills and experiences they have gained over the 3 days, participants will create a special performance piece, which will be showcased at the Tree of Knowledge Festival in Barcaldine on May 5, 2018.

BEMAC Director Evan Alexander said beyond providing an opportunity for creative development and expression, a big focus of the workshops would be on helping participants “find” their creative voice, build their skills and self-confidence and thereby empower them to seek opportunities and further develop their talents.

“Outback Creatives will enable local young people to contribute to their community through creative collaboration and expression by performing at a significant local event, the Tree of Knowledge Festival,” he said.

The Tree of Knowledge Festival is a celebration of the significant role the Barcaldine region played in Australia’s cultural heritage. It began as a one-day event 29 years ago with the May Day March, but has since grown into a four-day festival that showcases the community spirit, heritage and contribution of Outback Queensland through a mixture of traditional and emerging performance arts and activities.

This year, the Tree of Knowledge Festival will take place from May 4 – 7.

Indigenous Hip Hop Projects (IHHP):

Indigenous Hip Hop Projects is a unique team of talented artists in all elements of hip hop, media, entertainment and performing arts, who have been working extensively in Indigenous communities around Australia since 2005.

About Outback Creatives Project Coordinator Ezekiel Thompson

Ezekiel Thompson is an Aboriginal young man from Barcaldine who is an experienced dancer and arts workshop facilitator. He has proven experience in presenting creative ideas and communicating the benefits. Ezekiel has worked with Indigenous Hip Hop Projects for the past 4 years delivering arts workshops. He has successfully developed his own form of dance style, which he calls ‘Tradstep’ which has a unique blend of Traditional Aboriginal dance and Hip Hop.

Ezekiel is a graduate from the Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Art in Brisbane.