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Q&A with Grace Edward – Producer of OUTSIDE IN

Q&A with Grace Edward – Producer of OUTSIDE IN

Grace Edward and Simon Mula are the Creative force behind BEMAC’s new docuseries OUTSIDE IN. We recently caught up with Grace to find out more about her role in producing this 10-part series.


1. What does a project like OUTSIDE IN do for the artists involved?

The value for the artists is in the opportunity to share their stories first hand, promoting their culture and artistry to mainstream society. It is also for BEMAC to continue to be instrumental in its role in platforming the multicultural stories of artists and their communities.

2. What can viewers expect from watching the docuseries?

Viewers can expect authentic stories, from real people sharing their roots and inviting everyone into their world, providing insight into livelihood, artistry and navigating their cultures within the Australian society.

3. How important do you think it is to tell stories like these?

Knowledge and awareness of a variety of people and their cultures is the first step towards understanding, acceptance and social cohesion. It also serves to enrich the lives of mainstream society through sharing something they may have never experienced.

4. What have you loved the most during this process as a producer?

Connecting with the artists, having an insight into their world has been fascinating and refreshing. Australia needs to be exposed to the roots of our multicultural society, its important, important in a way where it creates more cultural awareness, understanding, education and platformed on a mainstream level. Spending the time with them being a part of a project that allows them be not only be seen but heard.


Watch OUTSIDE IN on BEMAC’s Youtube Channel.  New episode every Thursday night!


A bit about Grace Edward

Joining the BEMAC team in 2019, Grace is a Brisbane based playwright, director and creative producer from Yei, South Sudan. She believes in the power of storytelling as a tool to understand one another better. Through her writing and productions, Grace explores different aspects of what it means to be a third-culture child and a person of colour living in Australia today. She has co-written, produced and directed two theatre productions in Brisbane linking generations: A forum theatre play (2018) and Skin deep (2019) which explored the ideology of colourism within People of Colour Communities. Grace has spoken around Australia on a range of issues including youth leadership, education, health, migration, racism and discrimination, and displacement.