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RECORD program rolls out with band search in Ipswich

RECORD program rolls out with band search in Ipswich

A lesser-known fact about Ipswich is that it is home to a thriving metal / heavy / punk / garage / alternative rock scene. Not only that, but bands of seriously high caliber. As the Arts Queensland (AQ) RASN Provider for Ipswich and Logan, BEMAC is committed to running, supporting and developing projects in both regions, which strengthen the existing creative culture, as well as identify the gaps and challenges and facilitate opportunities for their development.

As part of our RASN focus, BEMAC is running a program called RECORD. Wide ranging, it covers everything linking professional bands with professional recording studios and audio engineers / producers, to teaming up with Protégé in Ipswich’s Studio 188, as well as a score of other projects to be announced over the coming months.

For one of our RECORD projects in Ipswich, we want to pay homage to the band scene and are seeking expressions of interest (EOIs) from Ipswich’s metal / heavy / punk / garage / alternative bands, who would like to record a professional demo locally at no charge whatsoever.

Interested bands are encouraged to send an email to or call us on (07) 3391 4433 for more information.

(Singer Songwriters / Country / Pop / Jazz / Blues watch this space – you’re next!)