On behalf of Arts Queensland and the Regional Arts Services Network, BEMAC is proud to be delivering support and funding for both Logan and Ipswich creatives, as part of our commitment in these regions. We’ve highlighted just a few of the new projects we’re helping bring to life with the government’s new stART grant.

“Can I Help?” by Aaron Dora & Renee Dobbyn A new theatre project titled “Can I Help?” is in development by Logan based producer and writer, Aaron Dora and co-writer Renee Dobbyn. After speaking first hand to doctors and nurses who are dealing with the COVID pandemic, they wanted to create a theatre piece exploring the experiences of these frontline health workers. Their goal is to develop the script into a product ready for festivals, touring and independent production.

“Touched Lightly” by Lincoln Austin
Ipswich based artist, Lincoln Austin has been working as a professional artist for over 20 years, but just like many other arts workers right now, his planned exhibitions and paid projects have now been heavily impacted by COVID-19. Thanks to the stART grant, Lincoln has been able to start working on a new project he’s titled ‘Touched Lightly’ which will combine sculpture, light and unscripted performance.

“Facing Forward” by Annelize Mulder
A visual artist for 18 years, Annelize Mulder started her career in South Africa before moving to Australia in 2007 where she’s continued to develop her art practice. This Ipswich based artist is now busy with a new project titled ‘Facing Forward’ which explores the view of the future after a challenging few months during Covid-19. Once completed, Annelize’s project will be displayed on her website as a permanent online exhibition.

“Song Bird 5” by Karen & Steve Tyrrell
Empowering kids to become eco warriors is the passionate goal for Logan based authors and environmentalists, Karen and Steve Tyrrell. They’ve already created four books in their ‘Song Bird’ eco series, and have now started work on the 5th and final book. It’s about “helping kids to practice resilience and sustainability in a drought environment” says Karen who together with husband Steve, is busy researching and writing. Their project will include trips to Winton and Longreach to research areas featured in Drought Rescue, and then next year they’ll visit schools for speaking events and pantomimes to educate children about the importance of caring for the environment.

“Weathering the Storm” by Lark Lee

Lark Lee is a Korean-born Australian filmmaker based in Logan, who has set out to share through the art of film, the united struggle we’re facing during this COVID pandemic. She is currently working on her film project ‘Weathering the Storm’, telling the story of four individual business owners, all actively seeking ways to survive the economic crisis and trying their best to adapt to the changing situation rather than giving up.

“We wanted to give hope to people in this devastating period. These four business owners are a great example of not giving up when the going gets tough. COVID-19 is a global crisis but I want the audience to believe that if they can get through this, then they get through any kind of crisis that’s thrown at them in the future.”

“knOwn” by Riss Melanie

Passionate Ipswich based artist, Riss Melanie is on a personal and ancestral journey with her new project ‘knOwn’. With this project, Riss is hoping to better engage and participate in connecting with Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians. For Riss, it’s about knowing her own relationship to the lands on which she walks, and the ancestral path she took to get here.

“knOwn aims to encourage all Australians, but especially non-Indigenous Australians to ‘do their own work’ in unpacking and understanding the lands on whose they walk, and however they came to be here.”

“Deb’s Digital Deb” by Debbie Chilton

Deb’s Digital Den is the brainchild of Ipswich based artist, Deb Chilton. It’s a new project which aims to develop facilitation and digital literacy skills for artists with disability, by creating a series of interactive and accessible workshops for paid opportunities into the future.

“artABLE” by Chloe Wigg

Chloe Wigg is an artist, a mother, an optimist and someone with a physical disability. Her new project – artABLE, is empowering her to continue her creative pursuits in a safe environment, thanks to the stART grant. Very few grants allow for equipment purchase and so with these funds, Chloe is able to purchase desperately needed ergonomic equipment for her studio. As part of this project, Chloe will be creating 3 x all-abilities watercolour tutorials. These tutorials will help those with physical limitations connect with art.

“This is so very dear to me. Art has become a huge part of my life, function and sense of self but I had to learn how to do it around my limitations.” Says Chloe. With this in mind, Chloe will be releasing her tutorials for free, and create some beautiful art pieces along the way.

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