Stephen has many years of experience in the community care and disability sectors in NSW, with over 35 years in operational and Executive management positions with the Home Care Service of NSW (HCS) and the NSW Department of Ageing Disability and Home Care. Stephen is also a past Chief Operations Officer with SSI leaving SSI in late 2018 and returning recently to act in the General Managers Service Delivery Community role.

His experience encompasses operational management, service and strategic planning, community development, program planning, organisational management and development, consultation at local and regional levels, through to executive management and leadership positions with state-wide responsibilities. Stephen also has considerable experience in working with CALD and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander services, organisations and communities. 

The Service Delivery Community Division encompasses the program and service areas of Multicultural Foster Care, Partners In the Community Local Area Coordination, Employment Services in NSW, Qld and Victoria and the Clinical Practice Unit.