BEMAC’s artistic program for the first half of 2023 has been released so make sure you don’t miss what’s coming up at BEMAC. See it here and keep across upcoming events on BEMAC’s website. 

What’s coming up at BEMAC

Embark on an adventure into a world of creativity and cultural diversity! Experience the magic of thought-provoking performances that challenge the norm and ignite the flames of change.  

BEMAC’s program features an inspiring and distinct line up of passionate artists who explore the nuances of identity, migration, and multiculturalism.  

With courage, determination, and the desire to enable change, BEMAC sets the stage for a truly transformative experience. We hope you join us at the heart of Brisbane in 2023! 

BEMAC Series 

In 2022, BEMAC reached out to the creative community for proposals and received a bountiful response, leading to the development of a vibrant program that comprises several different programming streams, community-building activities, and a professional development series for artists.  

The BEMAC series of events are: 

  • BEMAC Presents features world-leading artists who are role models for a vibrant and representative arts sector and whose work challenges conventions and sparks change. 
  • BEMAC Live is a series of professionally produced shows that elevate diverse artists and their artistry. Featuring original work of the highest quality, these shows champion artists who are pushing boundaries and creating unforgettable experiences.  
  • BEMAC Unplugged recreates the cosy atmosphere of BEMAC’s shows at Yungaba. Witness diverse talent and cross-cultural collaboration in action as we showcase the power of art to bring people together. 

BEMAC kicked off its exhilarating program for 2023 with a bang with its first show in February with renowned First Nations singer/songwriter guitarist, and didgeridoo player Joe Geia. Renowned for promoting change through music, Geia has shared the stage with prominent jazz musicians and has been supported by legends like Ray Charles and BB King and has also performed for Nelson Mandela. 

Our next event ‘When Music Meets Heart’ is a sonic adventure into the healing power of sound and rhythm led by percussionist Atman Okyay and sound healer Chiho Kagawa. Through an intercultural musical dialogue that quotes from Middle Eastern, Turkish, Balkan, Flamenco, Latin and Jazz traditions, the quartet, completed by Bart Stenhouse and Shani Forrester, create exquisite, melodic and meditative grooves with enchanting, immersive soundscapes that evoke emotions and harness the power of music to uplift and heal. Find out more here.  

About BEMAC 

The Brisbane Multicultural Arts Centre (BEMAC) is Queensland’s leading multicultural arts producer and artistic development organisation based in Kangaroo Point, Brisbane. Since 1987, it has staged ground-breaking productions and supports artists from diverse cultural backgrounds.  

As a subsidiary of SSI, under its self-funded Arts and Culture program, BEMAC’s commitment to artistic excellence and programming aims, contributing to building social cohesion and inclusion by showcasing the innovative work of artists whose distinctive and distinguished work examines discourses and perceptions on multiculturalism, migration and identity, leveraging the arts as a platform in which to pose difficult questions, challenge entrenched ideas, and enable change.   

Dive into the world of thought-provoking art at the heart of Brisbane in 2023. View the full program here and find out about upcoming events.  

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