The new team at BEMAC is extremely pleased to announce the 2023 Programming Framework, which includes a range of different opportunities to present, partner, develop, collaborate, and learn. Renowned for showcasing innovative work, our programming is inspiring, distinctively responsive, and examines discourses and perceptions on multiculturalism, migration and identity, leveraging the arts as a platform in which to pose difficult questions, challenge entrenched ideas, and enable change. 

A range of different programming streams has been designed to cater for artists at various stages of their careers, from a grassroots discovery open mic series to the sophisticated production values of the BEMAC Live and BEMAC Presents programs. 

Three principles underpin the Program:

  • Courageous in creativity – We aim to support artists at all career and development stages, whose creative and professional aspirations are solidly grounded on the creation of original work of the highest quality and relevance possible.  
  • Determined in diversity – We aim to ensure that diverse stories, voices and expressions are duly represented and that they are embraced and welcomed into a platform of creativity, conversation and cross-pollination. 
  • Enablers of change – We aim to drive positive social change towards the elimination of racism, discrimination and exclusion by fostering self-determination and cultural safety with the agency to freely express. 

Over the coming weeks, we will continue announcing the elements that, combined, will deliver a world-class artistic program that champions and elevates diverse artists and their artistry, as well as solidify BEMAC as the state’s leading multicultural arts producer, presenter and artistic development organisation.
See below the first elements of the BEMAC 2023 Program.

Invitations are now open!


BEMAC Live is a professionally produced series of shows to be held at the Queensland Multicultural Centre, in Kangaroo Point, Brisbane. We are looking for proposals for work that inspires and moves, in any performing art form including music, multi-arts, dance, theatre, film, etc. Our aim is to elevate diverse artists and their artistry. We are particularly excited by work that examines discourses and perceptions on multiculturalism, migration and identity, leveraging the arts as a platform in which to pose difficult questions, challenge entrenched ideas and enable change. The invitation to submit proposals is open to individuals, bands, collectives, community groups and organisations.

For more information and to submit your show proposal, click here.
Submissions close December 13

Click here to download a fillable, preview of the submission form.

BEMAC Unplugged

BEMAC Unplugged is a series of low-key shows that will showcase diverse talent and invite cross-cultural collaboration, recreating the vibe of BEMAC’s shows at Yungaba. Each event will be curated by a guest artist and include three or more different performers and a collaboration between them. These will take place at the QMC in Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, in a relaxed format with minimal technical resources. We are looking for a guest curator for each one of these shows. Selected proposals include assigned theatre access to rehearse ahead of the artistic collaborative performance.

For more information and to submit your EOI as a guest curator, click here.
Submissions close December 13

Click here to download a fillable, preview of the submission form.


In early 2023 BEMAC will kick off an improvised music project designed to interweave different musical, linguistic and cultural practices, strengthen the creative community, and serve as a platform for artists to meet and collaborate. It will take place as a series of sessions, open to all musicians, in which to play together, test different group dynamics and use improvisation as a context to explore the permeability of culture and develop fluid collaborative exchanges while retaining cultural identities. If you are interested in being part of this project, please send your proposal and we will be in touch with you early next year about.

If you are interested in being part of the Improvisessions project, please click here to let us know.

Professional Development Series

As part of our 2023 program, we will also be rolling out a professional development series to assist artists with valuable skills and information. This will be delivered as a series of workshops in various formats that will respond to the priorities identified in our recent artist survey. Stay tuned for more information about BEMAC’s professional development series in early 2023. If you know any other artists who might be interested in this, please invite them to join our mailing list at

If you have any questions or need any assistance to make a submission, please email [email protected] or call (07) 3391 4433

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