Latest Past Events

BEMAC Presents Granted by Nudo Dance Company

Queensland Multicultural Centre 102 Main Street, Kangaroo Point

For NUDO’s second full-length production, Artistic Director Yasim Coronado Veranes and the ensemble weave a patchwork of journeys that probe the inherent injustice, relentless bureaucracy and heartbreaking separation, and celebrate the milestones of love and joy threaded throughout the migrant experience.

BEMAC Discover #6

House of Vincent 7 Jacob Lane, Woolloongabba

BEMAC Discover: an open mic night to celebrate the importance of art, music and creativity in our lives and our community.

BEMAC Discussions: Reclamation and Gendered Cultural Practices (Live and Streamed)

House of Vincent 7 Jacob Lane, Woolloongabba

Join us on Monday November 27th for the next instalment in the BEMAC Discussions series; a free panel discussion tackling questions such as how do we navigate traditionally gendered cultural dance, artistic and music practices as gender-diverse artists in a world that is constantly evolving?